The CSD Prague notifies that only data not older than 1st January 2013 are provided from 1st July 2023.

According to §99a of the Capital Market Act 256/2004 the Central Securities Depository (CSD) is obliged to keep data in its records for 10 years from the end of a calendar year in which the data was recorded and provide information from this data keeping to authorized persons according to §115 of the same Act.

CDCP participants are advised that with effect from 20/11/2023 (inclusive), a new version of the ISB communication interface (for follow-up records) in version 7.4 will be deployed to the operating environment.

A new version of the interface with an updated description of the communication structure can be found on our company’s website in the section: Description of communication interfaces My depository and on the company’s internal website:

 Schedule of implementation of new ISB interface for follow-up records

Date of publishing31. 5. 2023
Implementation phase31. 5. – 20. 10. 2023
Deployment to test environment20. 10. 2023*
Testing phase20. 10. – 20. 11. 2023
Deployment in production environment20. 11. 2023*
* At the beginning of the accounting day

After 18 years, the Prague Stock Exchange is redesigning its visual identity. The last change in this direction was made in 2005, when the logo with the characteristic letters PX was introduced. Now the styling of these letters is being modified to make the logo more modern and more in line with current graphic trends.

The Central Securities Depository, which previously shared its visual identity with the stock exchange, is now getting its own visual identity. Given the changing structure of the business, the greater focus on end clients and upcoming projects, having its own visual identity is desirable. However, the new logo of the Central Securities Depository retains visual similarity with the logotype of the Prague Stock Exchange, so the affinity and business interconnectedness of the two companies is still evident. “The domestic capital market still needs education about its function and importance, both among the public and politicians. The Prague Stock Exchange is already an established brand, but few people know the Central Securities Depository and its role. I believe that having its own identity will help to raise the profile and, above all, better understand the contribution of this institution to the financial market”, says Ondřej Dusílek, CEO of the Central Securities Depository.