Information on personal data processing

Personal Data Processing

We protect your data. We consider our client’s privacy and the protection of their personal data as a primary obligation.

We handle personal data solely in compliance with valid legislation. In this document, we introduce the principles that clarify what we do to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data that is processed and provide information on the rights relating to personal data processing. This document is aimed at providing information on the personal data we collect, how we handle such data, the sources from which we obtain such data and for what purposes we use them, to whom we are allowed to provide such data and where you can obtain information on the personal data we process.

Data Controller

Central Securities Depository Prague, a. s. (ID No.: 25081489, hereinafter the “CSD Prague”) is the controller of the personal data that you provided to the CSD Prague or your personal data that the CSD Prague obtained (see the chapter Source of Personal Data below) to fulfil one or several purposes. The CSD Prague collects the data, disposes thereof and is liable for its due and legal processing. You can exercise your rights with the controller in the manner specified below.

You can contact the controller or its data protection officer with queries concerning personal data processing; the contact data of the administrator and the data protection officer is available in the Contacts tab.

Basic Principles of Personal Data Processing

We follow, in particular, the following principles when processing personal data:

Scope of Personal Data Processing

We only process such data that helps us provide you with professional services and comfortable assistance and enables us to fulfil our legal obligations and contractual undertakings and to protect our legitimate interests.

We mainly collect data on account holders in the records of dematerialised securities. Depending on the situation, we also process data on representatives, including members of statutory bodies and employees of the participants in the capital market and other contractual partners. We process your basic personal data, data on products and services you use and how and data from our communication and interaction, as well as other data in such a way that the scope of such data is reasonable, relevant and restricted to the necessary extent with regard to the purpose for which we collect and process your data. Our main purpose is to provide you with professional services and comfortable assistance while complying with our legal obligations and protecting our legitimate interests; below you will find a list of purposes for which we process your data, as well as a description of specific data processed for the given purpose.

We process your personal data to the following extent and for the following purposes:

Personal Data CategoryPurpose of Processing
identification and contact details of owners of securities (mainly name, surname, title, ID No., date of birth, birth registration number, asset account number, cash account number),compliance with legal obligations (settlement and registration of securities, services to authorised persons, fulfilment of reporting duty, fulfilment of measures against the legitimisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism)
tax residency,fulfilment of legal obligations (fulfilment of reporting duty)
transaction data and results relating to the trading of securities and transfers,fulfilment of legal obligations (settlement and registration of securities)
identification data and contact details of contractual partners, issuers, CSD Prague participants and participants in the capital market (in particular, name, surname, ID No., VAT No., phone numbers, emails, data box IDs, bank accounts, addresses, ID card numbers),fulfilment of contractual and legal obligations (reporting duty, support of issuers, invoicing)
electronic means of communication used for authentication and authorisation when accessing our systems, websites and mobile applications (digital signatures, certificates, usernames, SMS codes, notifications, serial numbers, MAC addresses) and records of their use,fulfilling legal obligations (legal obligation to secure data and to identify the person acting)
records of activity in our systems, devices and applications (log identification details, monitoring applications and systems),fulfilling legal obligations (legal obligation to secure data), legitimate interest (optimising the availability of services)
records of client communications,fulfilment of legal obligations (measures against the legitimisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism), legitimate interest (resolution of complaints and disputes, protection and enforcement of rights, management and collection of receivables)
identification data (especially name, surname, title, contact details) and other data from the CVs of job applicants,legitimate interest (selection of suitable candidates for job positions)
identification details of persons entering the controller’s premises (visits, business partners, etc.) and video recordings of such persons via camera systems monitoring the premises used by the controller,legitimate interest (ensuring the security of the premises and protecting property)
telephone line records to support the registration of securities,fulfilment of legal obligations (measures against the legitimisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism, control and prevention of market abuse), legitimate interest (resolution of complaints)
cookieslegitimate interest (website operation)

Purposes and Duration of Personal Data Processing

We process your personal data to the extent necessary for the relevant legal purpose – for example, to keep proper records of dematerialised securities, provide legally defined data on stock exchange transactions to the Czech National Bank or to fulfil the identification obligation under Act No. 253/2008 Sb., on selected measures against the legitimisation of the proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism. We process certain data since it is necessary to protect the rights and interests of our company and third parties or to fulfil the rights and obligations arising from agreements.

The purposes of processing include the following categories:

Without the data subject’s consent:

The CSD Prague processes personal data for such purposes for the necessary period while taking into account requirements for legally defined archiving periods of data retention.

With the data subject’s consent:

The data that you provide to us with your consent is provided voluntarily. If the data is processed with your consent, such consent is granted for the time stated in the consent.

In most cases, the data is processed for several legal reasons which may be in effect concurrently or follow each other.

Source of Personal Data

Depending on the situation, we process data that we received from the participants in the capital market, from entities with which we have concluded an agreement, data obtained while concluding an agreement, data from publicly available sources and registers, lists and records (such as the Commercial Register) and data from third parties if a special regulation so stipulates. In order to comply with the law or contractual relationship, the data may be transferred to affiliated entities within our PX holding group (Central Securities Depository Prague, a.s. and Prague Stock Exchange, a.s.).

Method used for Personal Data Processing

The CSD Prague processes personal data by automated means and manually.

Disclosing Personal Data to Third Parties

In principle, we process personal data within our company. We only provide the data to third parties with your consent or if it is stipulated by law (e.g. to a supervisory authority operating in the capital market). Where it is necessary to achieve any of the above-mentioned purposes, in particular, if the relevant external entity has attained the necessary professional and expert level in the relevant area, your data may be processed by cooperating contractors.

Data Subject’s Rights

We process your data transparently, fairly, correctly and in accordance with the law. You have the right to access your data and a right to explanation, as well as other rights if you believe that the processing is not correct. You may also submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection. You can exercise your rights in the relevant company from our group with which you have a relationship.

You can contact the controller or its data protection officer with queries concerning personal data processing; the contact data of the administrator and the data protection officer is available in the Contacts tab. You can also contact the controller in writing at its address, which is also listed in the Contacts tab.

Right of access to personal data and right to be informed – you are entitled to access your personal data, in particular, the information on the processing of your personal data, without prejudice to third-party rights. For repeated requests, we may request reasonable compensation for providing the information, which must not exceed the costs necessary for the provision of the information.

Right to personal data correction – if your personal data is incorrect or inaccurate, you may request the correction of such data. It is possible to request the completion of incomplete data, taking into account the purposes for which the data is processed.

Right to removal – you are entitled to have your personal data removed if our processing is unauthorised or if your consent to its processing has been revoked.

Right to raise an objection – should the controller breach its obligations concerning the collecting or processing of personal data, you are entitled to request that the controller provides an explanation of such conduct, refrains from such conduct or remedies the relevant situation.

Right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority – you are entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory authority (Office for Personal Data Protection, if you believe that the processing of your personal data violated its protection.

Other rights – you have the right to restrict the processing and the right to data transferability under the conditions laid down by law.

Here are some practical tips:

You don’t wish to, or cannot, provide us with your personal data. – You can refuse to provide us with the personal data we request. However, if the provision of such data is mandatory according to the law, we cannot provide you with the related service.

Do you wish to revoke your consent? – You may withdraw your consent at any time in those cases where we have requested your consent to carry out the data processing. Revoking your consent is without prejudice to the processing of your data for the period for which your consent has been validly given or to the processing of your data for other legal reasons, where applicable (e.g. compliance with legal obligations or for the purposes of our legitimate interests).

Do you wish to restrict marketing?
If you gave us your consent for marketing or if you receive newsletters from us for any other rightful reasons, you may revoke your consent at any time or you may unsubscribe from our newsletters in the following manners:

If you wish to restrict or revoke your consent to data processing for marketing purposes, please fill in this document and send it to us at info(a) You may also change the settings of your consent at some of our electronic gateways.

Please note that if you restrict marketing, we may still contact you for servicing purposes, and therefore we may use your contact data to send you service messages and for purposes other than marketing.

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