General Information for Participants

The Central Depository provides its participants with services and makes entries in the registers of securities on the basis of the participants’ orders.

In the section entitled Rules, Agreements and Methodologies for Participants, participants will find all the documents concerning their activities in relation to the Central Depository.

A separate section provides a description of the Settlement System, which serves for the settlement of both exchange and OTC trades and is especially designed for Central Depository participants who are also participants in the Settlement System.

The Central Depository provides some services to participants free of charge directly on its website in the section entitled Services for Participants.

Participants have access to other services in the My Depository information portal (formerly ISB, login at the top right of this page).

Services rendered to Central Depository participants through the My Depository portal:

A participant in the role of an issuer and a participant in the role of an issue administrator can communicate with the My Depository portal using the following channels:

A participant keeping follow-up records needs to implement an interface for follow-up records for communication purposes.