This information is intended for all issuers interested in dematerialisation of securities in the Central Securities Depository (CSD Prague), including issuers who are in the process of converting their securities to dematerialised securities.

In the conversion process, the shareholders’ meeting shall make a decision, which must be published in the Commercial Bulletin and on the website of the company; deadlines shall be set for certificated shares to be submitted to the issuer by their owners; shareholders shall open asset accounts in the central register of dematerialised securities through participants in the CSD Prague, and an agreement shall be made with the CSD Prague. The conversion process is governed by Section 529 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code.

The issuer shall start negotiations with the CSD Prague on the basis of a notarised report on the shareholders’ meeting in which it is stated that the shareholders’ meeting approved the conversion, or on the basis of the entry of this report in the Commercial Register.

The main steps leading to the registration (dematerialisation) of an issue in the CSD Prague:

  1. LEI code assignment
  2. Filling in the questionnaire to check the issuer according to the AML Act
  3. Assignment of ISIN – a code for the identification of dematerialised securities
  4. Conclusion of the Issue Records Agreement and the Amendment on the Registration of New Issues (video tutorial for filling in the form)
  5. Entries in owners’ accounts
    • Through a documentary order delivered to the CSD Prague
          – When entering in the scope of units of accounts
    • Through an electronic instruction in the ISB system – the CSD Prague information system
          – When entering in multiple accounts
          – Registration required
  6. Registration in the My Depository application (CSD Prague Information System)
    • The issuer will gain access to the My Depository application for online services by filling in the Issuer’s profile in the Application for Registration form (in Czech only)
    • Before completing the Application for Registration form, it is necessary to apply for a commercial certificate (not a certificate to be signed electronically) from one of the following certification authorities: I.CA, Česká pošta-PostSignum, e-Identity
    • When completing the Application for Registration form, the issuer shall tick the field “set the right of initial subscription” and indicate the serial number of their commercial certificate
    • Afterwards, the issuer shall be emailed a detailed manual for performing an electronic entry in the accounts of owners
  7. To submit an order for the entry (issue) of dematerialised securities, the numbers of asset accounts held by the owners (of shares) must be known. Asset accounts shall be created by a CSD Prague participant

Details to be shared by the CSD Prague participant with the shareholder with respect to the entry of dematerialised securities:

 Issuer’s fees:

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Video tutorials:

Information for Issuers and Administrators

All contractual documentation in the form of electronic agreements and manuals, documents and forms intended for issuers and administrators can be found in the section entitled Agreements, Manuals and Registrations for Issuers and Administrators. Each issuer needs to conclude an agreement with the Central Depository for the purpose of maintaining issue records. You can send the printed and signed agreement to our address.

The Central Depository provides certain services to issuers and administrators free of charge directly on its website in the section entitled Services for Issuers and Administrators.

Issuers and administrators have access to other services in the My Depository application (formerly ISB, login at the top right of this page). The Central Depository provides issuers and administrators with statements from the issue records through the My Depository application or upon the issuers’ request.

Issuers who are interested in the dematerialisation of securities in the Central Depository and who are undergoing the process of converting their securities into dematerialised securities are provided with the information on dematerialisation given above at the top of this page. The dematerialisation process and the services associated with keeping issue records can be found in the guide for issuers and issue administrators (CZ only).

We offer issuers the opportunity, free of charge, to publish information on the website of the Central Depository on shareholders’ meetings, meetings of bondholders, the amount of paid yields, the amount of the set interest rate on bonds and other information (contact details).

Please use the fee calculator to determine the fees for issues and their keeping or for changes in the forms or types of securities.