The CSD Prague informs in particular the issuers of book-entry shares about the deployment of the new service Issue Record Extract including pledges/co-ownership and PPN, ESM and bank account numbers (F42) as of the specified date. In addition to the standard information, the statement also contains information on the existence of the beneficial owner’s entry in the register of beneficial owners for the legal entity that is a shareholder of the company. The purpose of the new information in the statement is to make it easier for issuers to check the existence of an entry in the ESM in order to comply with the provisions of Sections 53(2) and 54(3) of Act No. 37/2021 Coll. on the Register of Beneficial Owners, according to which a joint stock company may not pay a beneficial interest to, and allow voting at, general meetings of legal entities that do not have any beneficial owner entered in the ESM. 

The new service can be used in the My Depository portal in the Electronic Services section or requested via the form published on the website. A description of the output structure of the service can be found in the Trusted Area Interface 7.2, which is available on the website of our company.