CDCP participants are advised that with effect from 18 November 2022, a new version of the ISB communication interface (for follow-up records) in version 7.3 will be deployed to the operating environment. The announced change applies only to services designated as S03 to S09 (SRD II services) whose structure is obligatorily determined by the currently valid ISO standard and supported in communication channel SWIFT FINplus.

A new version of the interface with an updated description of the communication structure can be found on our company’s website in the section: Description of communication interfaces My depository and on the company’s internal website:

 Schedule of implementation of new ISB interface for follow-up records

Date of publishing1. 6. 2022
Implementation phase1. 6. 2021 – 17. 10. 2022
Deployment to test environment18. 10. 2022*
Testing phase18. 10. – 17. 11. 2022
Deployment in production environment18. 11. 2022*
* After the end of the accounting day