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Rules and Regulations
Settlement Rules Parameters of the CSD Clearing Fund
Implementing Regulataions - Securities Lending Special Regime for Handling Rights Associated with Dematerialised Securities
Communication Connection of Participants SWIFT - Communication Manual
Contrancts and Manuals
Central Depository Participation Agreement  
Request for Cancellation of OTC Trade Registration Power of Attorney
Request for Technical Netting Request for Registration at the General Meeting
Services (40, 50, 80, 85 Server)
Instruction Insert to CSD Matching System (50102) Transaction Registration Without Matching (50103)
Modification of Instuction (50202) Cancellation of Instruction (50400)
Update of Non-Matching Items of Transfer (80 801)  
Request for Registration / Changes / Cancellation  - Clients / Client Accounts (85101, 85102) Request for Assignment of the Substitute Identifier - NID (85103)
Assignment of the Bank Account for Returns (85106) Record Custodian (85104)
Pledge/Co-ownership Administration (85114) Suspension of Disposal Right (SDR) Administration (85116)
Pledge/Sub-pledge/Suspension of Disposal Right (SDR) Assignment to Securities (85217) Account Transfer (85231)
External Settlement
Cancellation of Instruction in Foreign CSD (50410) Cancellation of Instruction in Foreign CSD - SWIFT (50411)
Sending an external instruction to Foreign (50112)  
PSE Clearing
Opening, Change of Bank Account Announcement  
Dematerialised Securities Loaning
Request for Prolongation of a Booked Loan  
Request for Set-up Communication via SWIFT  CSD FIN MI CUG – Guideline
SWIFT - Request for RMA  
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