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The Endowment Fund of the Central Securities Depository Prague (CSD Prague) allows to both – the account holders who have put their securities under a of the CSD Prague participant (the integrated accounts), so owners of unintegrated (account without a CSD Prague participant) – to get rid of those securities that they consider for themselves as worthless, the value of the capital market is not known, and from which they do not want to pay any fees.

In view of the fact that Czech law does not give the owners of a book-entry security unequivocal assurance that they can leave securities, the only realistic way of disposal of owned securities by its transfer remains, usually to realize a sale. But the sale of valueless securities is rather unlikely. Central Depository therefore in order to allow further disposal of unwanted property set up the endowment fund of CSD Prague, to which the owners can securities donate.

Central Depository assumes that as the gift may be given securities with a residual value, or that the securities are evaluated by their accumulation in the endowment fund. In this case, the CSD Prague will try transparently through securities dealers to sell the donated securities and with their proceeds to support the educational, social and educational youth programs, provide assistance to people in disaster events or to help people in need. Resources in the fund have a special purpose, there is no danger that the CSD will enriched by keeping or selling the securities.

The donation of securities is possible at the conclusion of the contract. Contracts are available either at branches of selected CSD Prague participants who are authorized to represent the endowment fund, specify patterns of the donation contracts and conclude agreements on behalf of the Fund, or you it is possible to conclude the contract in a correspondence way directly with the Endowment Fund, providing the account is held in so called “unintegrated registration”. In a corresponding way the contract has to be sent (or personally delivered) to the headquarters of the Endowment Fund in two originals, one of which must be officially verified. The donor can according to his choice receive a copy of the contract signed by the Endowment Fund by taking his seat in the Endowment Fund, through the mail by delivery to the address specified in the contract or through e-mail correspondence to the email address specified in the contract.

The fee for transfer of securities will be paid by the Endowment Fund. The donor therefore does not pay the fees. But CSD Prague participants may charge donors for their services provided in connection with the donation.

Deed of gift to download

b) The donation to Endowment Fund - correspondence way without a CSD Prague participant:
Deed of gift endowment fund CSD Prague - Unclassified account - correspondence way (in Czech only)

a) Donate via the CDCP Prague participant:
Deed of gift endowment fund CSD Prague - Unclassified Account (in Czech only)
Deed of gift endowment fund CSD Prague - Classified account (in Czech only)

List of participants with marked participants who are authorized to represent the Endowment Fund

Not accepted securities

List of not accepted securities (in Czech only)

Securities kept in the independent register are also not accepted (i.e. especially foreign securities with ISINs that do not begin with letters CZ or CS).

Another limitation of the subject is given in the contract, in particular Article II.

Further note: that shares, which have limited transferability within the meaning of § 270 and following, Act 90/2012, are convertible into CSD Endowment Fund only after demonstrating appropriate permission of the company.

Donation of Slovak Securities

CSD Prague does not ensure donation of Slovak securities to the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic. However the corresponding way of the donation of Slovak securities is provided by the following two companies and donating securities is allowed only to natural persons. To ensure the transfer of securities to the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic, the authorization with a notarized signature and a copy of a current ID card is required. If the owner of the securities has already paid the fee for the safekeeping of securities and calls for its return, the bank account, a complete bank address, a SWIFT code, IBAN and a copy of the statement of the owner account has to be provided.

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