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The Central Securities Depository Prague (CSD) has offered a new option for bond issuers, i.e. the possibility of obtaining a 100% benefit

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The Annual Report of the Central Securities Depository Prague for the year 2011 is available on the CSDP's web pages (ar11-en-CDCP.pdf). The Annual Report contains detailed information on company's operation during 2011.

Older annual reports from the years 1999 - 2010 are available in the About Us/Annual Reports chapter.

The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) and Austrian clearing house Central Counterparty Austria (CCP.A) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. They are planning to collaborate together for the purpose of establishment of additional clearing services by CCP.A for the cash markets operated by PSE.

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The Prague Stock Exchange, the POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE and the Central Securities Depository Prague are presenting their Fact Book for the year 2011.
This Fact Book shows the key data and information from the passed year and is available for download from our ftp server: 
Fact Book 2011, fb2011.pdf, 601 kB.

Companies of PX Group (Prague Stock Exchange, Central Securities Depository Prague and POWER EXCHANGE CENTRAL EUROPE)  will join a Moment of Silence on Friday (December 23rd) as a gesture of respect to former president Vaclav Havel who died on Sunday, December 18th, 2011. Trading system will remain opened.

Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SIX x-clear Ltd today. They are planning to collaborate together for the purpose of establishment of clearing services by SIX x-clear Ltd for the cash markets operated by PSE.

Their cooperation will offer possibility to clear and settle PSE trades via one of the most leading clearing houses in Europe.

This will be along with Xetra® the second important step how to attract international brokers to become members of the Prague Stock Exchange. The current clearing and settlement solution via CSD Prague will be also available after Xetra® implementation so the PSE members will have the option how to clear and settle exchange trades via CSD Prague or SIX x-clear Ltd.

Information Servis Broker (ISB) will not operate from technical reason on 18th November 2011. It will not be possible to work out statements from the registration of central depository on this day and also the websites www.eisb.cz will not be available. We apologize for inaccessibility of the system.

Effective as of October 10, 2011, IPOPEMA Securities S.A., with its registered office at Waliców 11, Warsaw, becomes a new participant of CSD Prague and its settlement system.

The company EQUILOR ZRt, based in 1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 2/C., Reg. Nr. Cg 01-10-041-431, becomes the new CSD participant effective from July 1st, 2011.

The Central Securities Depository (CSD) is establishing an endowment fund that enables the holders of securities to dispose of them for free. The endowment fund will open for donations on 1 July 2011. As of that date, holders of accounts kept by the Central Securities Depository will be able to make use of the fund’s services, with the help of CSD participants.

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