Please be informed about an interruption of operation of CSD Prague’s systems due to a planned fundamental upgrade of its network framework. Because of upgrade, ISB website and its private area will not be accessible completely. There will be also some limitation in providing information to general public. Upgrade will take place from 28th October to 30th October 2016 (non-working days).

The Central Securities Depository Prague has launched updated web pages which adjust their content according to the device used automatically, thus offering higher comfort to users who are displaying the web pages on their tablets or mobile phones.

The web sites remained divided into four chapters according to different user groups – general public, public authorities, central depository participants and issuers and administrators. ISB services or information about the LEI assignment might be found in the Other Services chapter. ISB portal user may log in simply by clicking the violet button in the top right corner of the new web pages.

In case you do not see the content properly, please refresh or delete cache.

We hope you will enjoy our new web pages.

In connection with the notified technical break of Středisko cenných papírů (the Securities Centre), relating to the transfer of data files to Centrální depozitář cenných papírů (the Central Securities Depository ),the settlement of securities trades filed by the Securities Centre will be suspended from 28 June to 2 July. The settlement will be renewed on 7 July, when all outstanding trades will be duly settled.

The settlement of trades and transactions involving investment instruments filed by the Central Securities Depository (foreign investment instruments, certificates, and shares in collective bonds) will be secured on a day-to-day basis even during the technical break.

Burza cenných papírů Praha (the Prague Stock Exchange) will be open for business during the period concerned according to the valid timetable, without any changes.